Applications for Executive Director of Practice

As we move closer to the handover on 1 July 2020, we’ve been thinking about what roles/expertise we need on the Executive Team. Andrew wears many hats, but his knowledge of the practice is obviously one of his biggest strengths. Given that Andrew won’t be involved in leading Elia, we need to be ready to fill that gap at the executive leadership level, and so we are looking to hire an Executive Director of Practice.

Due to the tight collaboration and communication that this role will need to have with the rest of the Executive team and Elia staff, we have a strong preference for the person filling this role to be based in Perth, Australia. If not based in Perth, at a minimum this person would need to spend 2 months per year in Perth (preferably in 2 x one-month trips). We welcome plans from applicants as to how they think they could make working from their time zone work in connecting with the Elia team. 

If you are interested in applying, please send in a résumé and respond to these questions. Please email these two documents to by 5pm (GMT +0) on 31 July, 2019. We will hold interviews during the week starting 19 August, 2019.

Nature of the Work

  • Full Time

  • Significant Travel

  • Attendance at both International and Elia Gatherings

  • Up to  50% focused on implementation and practice (field and direct work, projects, training, consulting etc.)

  • 50% leadership: leading learning, supervision, collaboration around practice with areas of business and other ED’s/teams, and external engagement.

Primary Goals of the Role

  • Drive the development of the Signs of Safety model and lead Elia as an organisation and the community around practice.

  • Partner with other departments and areas of business within Elia to bring the practice perspective to everything we do.

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary to be negotiated based on experience and location

  • Mac laptop and iPhone (including international call plan)

  • Travel and attendance at International and Elia Gatherings

Roles and Responsibilities

Training and Consulting

  • With a focus on sharing the learnings back out to the community, train and consult on Elia implementations, including leading Learning Cases and facilitating Practice Leader Development Sessions and Practice Intensives

  • Lead development and trials of new practice elements of implementation (e.g. development of practice intensives, learning cases etc.)

  • Collaborate with the ED of Implementation to further development implementation methods, and the overlap between the role of the consultant and trainer (and consulting and training) in implementations.


  • Drive/Coordinate evolution fo the Signs of Safety model

  • Supervise internal practice staff

  • In collaboration with the ED of HR, work to continuously enact and embed a culture of Parallel Process within the organisation

  • Lead external thought leadership around practice

    • Write articles for Elia website to advocate for the various principles of practice, and the themes that Elia is focusing on at the time.

    • Engage with the media on these topics, and the Signs of Safety model more broadly as needed.

  • Engagement with Researchers.

Trainer and Consultant Licensing Program

  • Oversight of practice in the community, including

    • The application and renewal processes for Signs of Safety trainers

    • Annual renewals for Regional Directors

Learning and Development Program

  • Lead the design of the content (and actual sessions where appropriate) of the practice-focused learning and development calls

  • Write practice leadership pieces in T&C Focus on various practice-related topics

  • Advocate for the practice-related content of Elia Gatherings

Knowledge Bank

  • Oversee practice content on the Knowledge Bank

  • Collaborate with the Knowledge Bank team to prioritise the creation of resources, layout/categorisation of resources, and overall Knowledge Bank design so that it best serves organisational users and trainers and consultants.

  • Collaborate with the Multilingual Coordinator to support translations, in particular

    • the definitions for practice terms.

    • Translation priorities


  • Lead on presentation content for international Gatherings (choosing presentations, theme etc.)

  • Collaborate with operations to ensure Gatherings are fantastic learning events.

Information System

  • Collaborate with the Information System team in the creation and design of the Signs of Safety Forms, Guidance and Workflows, dashboards and other aspects of the Information System, including new developments. 


  • Collaborate with the Executive Director of Implementation and implementation operations team to align implementations systems and science with practice, including how different practice and learning deliverables fit into implementations, quoting, support needs etc